Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is a BROC USA balance e-bike?
    BROC USA is a premium quality balanced E-Bike that enables children to ride a bike without worrying about balance. As opposed to traditional bikes, BROC USA doesn't have pedals and is easier to ride. 

  2. How does BROC USA operate without pedals?
    To ride, children just need to put their feet on the ground and push. Whereas to stop, they just need to put their feet down.

  3. What Model or size of BROC USA will suit my child?
    We have 2 models for BROC USA; 12" and 16". 
    If your child has an inseam of 17" or less, we suggest you to purchase the 12" model. If your child has an inseam of 17" or more, we recommend the 16" model.

  4. At what age can a child ride a BROC USA Bike?
    Your child should be 3 years or more to ride the BROC USA bike collection.

  5. What's the maximum speed limit?
    The e-bike is equipped with a dual speed option which facilitates both the fast and slow speed modes. The maximum speed limit for 12" bike is 13 km/hr. and for 16" its 18km/hr.

  6. What's the weight capacity?
    The structure of 12" bike allows a maximum weight capacity of around 75 lbs. and the 16" bike allows a maximum weight capacity of approximately 110 lbs.

  7. Is it Safe to ride BROC USA E-bike?
    The full package chain, safety brake switches, the rear drum brake and the speed restrictions would ensure the child’s safety during the ride.

  8. How long does it take to charge a BROC USA Bike?
    It takes approximately 60-90 minutes to charge the bike.

  9. What is the run time for the bike?
    The run time for BROC USA E-Bike is one hour.

  10. Do you ship? How long it will take?
    Yes, we do ship within united Sates. It will take approximately 3-5 working days to get the product delivered.

  11. Do you ship internationally?
    As of now, we are only able to process orders within the United States.

  12. What is the warranty policy?
    For details regarding warranty, please visit our Warranty Page.

  13. What is the return policy?
    For details regarding returns and shipping, please visit our Return and Shipping Policy Page.

  14. How can I assemble my bike?
    Please refer to our Owner's Manual Page for assembly support.