Our Story

'Innovation is the value that drives our company.'  Said Shannon Adam, our Chief Executive Officer.

Being the CEO of Best Ride on Cars, Shannon strongly believed that children’s ride-on cars play an inevitable role in their holistic development. The idea of balance E-bikes came into the picture when she saw her daughter struggling to balance a traditional bike. She wanted her daughter to ride with confidence instead of doubting her riding capabilities. Hence, after thorough research, she came up with the idea of launching an innovative, multi-featured balanced E-Bike and named her new product line, BROC USA.

As a young mom, she aspires BROC USA to develop products that can foster early childhood development and creativity. She has witnessed her children having better focus, confidence, and self-esteem after a balanced riding experience.

Our Values

BROC USA Balance E bike values

Our Vision

BROC USA Balance E bike Vision

Our Mission

It's not just a ride, but a journey of confidence and coordination.

Our mission is to supply safe, modern and innovative Balance E-bikes that make the child's ride fun, balanced and adventurous. Our E-bikes are designed with an aim to promote physical and mental health of children by providing a riding experience that will empower them with confidence .

We Believe In

BROC USA Balance E bike Believes