BROCUSA Balance e-bike 16inch Features & Description - Balance electric bike

BROCUSA Balance e-bike 16inch 

It’s about time to let your little one learn the art of riding a bike in the most fun and comfortable way possible. Equipped with a professional motorcycle-thumb throttle, a compact brake lever and a motion riding feature, this bike enables you child to push, balance and ride in the power mode. The compact brake lever ensures the child’s easy grip of the throttle and thereby prevents your little one from falling off. This bike also has safety features including the safety brake switches, rear drum brake, a full package chain and speed restrictions which ensures the safety of the child and guards him during his initial phases of riding. The maximum speed limit is 18 km/hr and the maximum weight capacity is 110 lbs. The bike also has an ergonomic and adjustable seat which ensures the child’s comfort during the ride. The durable and sturdy dynamics of the bike ensures that the bike will accompany your child during his years of growth. Further, this e-bike has an aesthetic in-built battery design with a 100W motor, BMX Tread Design and hidden outer cables, which enables your little one to enjoy a luxury riding experience. Let your kid conquer the neighborhood by making great riding memories with our battery-powered BROC Bikes.

Balance e-bike 16inch Motion Riding Feature - Balance electric bike

This battery-powered bike is equipped with a motion-riding feature, which enables the kid to push, balance and coast in the power mode. This feature assists the kid in transitioning to a standard bike or motorcycle..

Balance e-bike Throttle Assist Mode - Balance electric bike

 This bike features a professional motorcycle-style thumb twist throttle that can be used to control the motion of the ride. The strong grip of the throttle prevents the child from falling off and ensures the kid’s safety.
Dual Speed Option – The e-bike is equipped with a dual speed option which facilitates both the fast and slow speed modes. The maximum speed limit is 18 km/hr
Safety Brake cut Switch – The e-bike features a safety brake option which enables your little one to ride the bike safely and stop when needed. This manual braking system provides increased ease to the little ones who are in their learning phase in bike-training.
Durable Structure – The bike is made with a durable alloy frame, which retains it’s rust-free nature in the long-term. Further, the bike’s wheels are also wrapped with a wobble, which further ensures their stability. The structure allows a maximum weight capacity of around 110 lbs. Hence, your little ones can enjoy this bike over their years of growth.
Full-Package Chain - Balance electric bike

The e-bike is equipped with a full-package chain that increases the vehicle’s stability and thereby ensures that the kids have a safe riding experience.
Stylish Outlook – This e-bike has a built-in battery design, which keeps the bike compact and stylish. Further, the outer cables are hidden and sealed under the frame, which further retains the aesthetics of the bike.
Safety Assurance – The full package chain, safety brake switches and the speed restrictions would ensure the child’s safety during the ride.
Note – It is recommended that kids wear personal protective equipment like helmet, protective glass, sneakers, glove, elbow pad and knee pad, to further ensure their safety..

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